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Ramadan 2017

When does Ramadan 2017 start? Ramadan 2017 will begin in the evening of Friday, May 26 and ends in the evening of Saturday, June 24. Muslims will be fasting on Saturday, May 27, 2017. Ramadan 2017 is expected to last

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Essentials for Fruitful Criticism

Question: What do we need to be careful about while making constructive criticism, which is an important means of seeking the better at everything, so that it will be effective and fruitful? What are the essential points to be observed

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Warning People Against Wrongs Without Giving an Alluring Account of Them

Question: It is stated that an elaborate account of wrongs may pollute people’s minds with temptations. On the other hand, we need to make warnings against wrongs in order to avert people from them. How can we strike a balance

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Fethullah Gulen and Mandela

This story was written during the darkest days of the so-called Feb. 28 process and was published in the Zaman daily on Dec. 21, 1999. Today the whole world is focused on Nelson Mandela who has been in hospital for

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False Arguments About the Origin of Existence

False Arguments About the Origin of Existence Mediaeval European conceptions about the universe’s nature and existence were underpinned by the Catholic Church’s authority. The Church, relying upon a Divine Revelation (the Bible) that had been altered over time, considered modern

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Gulen writes special prayer against Sandy

Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gulen has expressed his deep sorrow over the devastating effects of Superstorm Sandy and reportedly wrote a blessing and prayer against the storm before the US East Coast was hit by the monster storm, on Monday.

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Violence is not in the tradition of the Prophet by Gulen

Muslims pray each day: “O Lord! Keep us on the straight path.” It is a prayer to help us move away from the extremes and maintain balance in our lives. We must neither be hostage to our reactionary instincts, nor

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